Defining Your Skin with Essential Fatty Acids


Have you ever wondered what essential fatty acids (EFA) are and how they relate to your skin? ‘Essential’ fatty acids define as compounds that are not made by the human body. Therefore, EFA’s  must be taken up by the body by feeding your skin topically and through ingestion.


EFA’s are the building blocks of healthy skin. Essential fatty acids are responsible for regulating cell function and maintaining the integrity of cellular walls which allows proper dispersion of water. When we were young, our skin was plump and firm because our skin’s cells were loaded with water and contained a healthy amount of fatty acids to keep it this way.  The reality of aging is: our ability for our skin’s cells to maintain water declines. Our Trans epidermal water loss increases (measurement of the amount of water that passes from inside the body to the outside via the epidermis) resulting in rough, scaly and saggy skin.


Topically applied EFA’s can be metabolized by the skin normalizing the cells and improving water-retention. Slow down the aging process by good hydration using products that contain rich essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamins.

*Good to Know* you can also consume through your diet, rich essential fatty acids which are found in fish, flax, hemp and avocado.


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