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Skin Care Myths Busted!

Skin care myths busted
Starting out my journey of natural skin care, I fell pray to the scare tacts. Oh yes, it seems to be everyones mantra out there for selling something. And while the ingredients that OrgAngie uses are more of a preference to suit a more natural lifestyle, you will not hear me spout things to scare...


Defining Your Skin: Antioxidants Last week we talked about free-radicals and how they can wreak havoc and sometimes cause irreversible damage to the skin. You can read it here. Today we are going to continue in relation to this topic on today’s series: Defining Your Skin: Antioxidants. Our skin has its own ability to produce anti-oxidants...

Free Radicals

free radicals
Today's topic of discussion on our blog series : Defining Your Skin  I decided to talk about free radicals.  You may have heard that term tossed around. Or better yet, free radical scavengers or antioxidants. We would all like to stay young in our heart, mind and looks. But, there is a science behind aging and...
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