The OrgAngie journey was one full of self-discovery built on a seed of knowledge that bloomed into the organic skin care company that you see today.

We’ve all had that moment, the moment when you read, see or hear something that ignites a fire within you to learn more. This was how the journey began for OrgAngie founder, Angela Guenther. She sat down one day to read ‘Organic Manifesto’ by Maria Rodale, curled up with a hot tea and her dog completely unaware that her beliefs, her world and her life goals were about to change.

It opened her eyes to how organic food can heal our planet, feed the world and keep us safe. She learned about the ever growing disconnect we have to the food that we eat. This made her think, what else have we been disconnected from? This question brought her to think deeply about the products she used regularly. She then began a purge of home cleaning supplies, make-up, perfumes, foods, etc. and became obsessed with getting rid of “toxic” products in her life. This evolved into a whole new lifestyle. One that made her feel healthier and happier.

This obsession sent her down the rabbit hole of the cosmetics and skin care industry. She researched all sides of the story and the ingredients that were being used. This turned into her aha moment, what she needed was uncomplicated yet effective skin care formulations, and if she needed this in her life then maybe others did too.

She realized that there are some ingredients in the products that companies are selling that could be the cause of common skin sensitivity symptoms that people experience due to them developing an allergy to it. For example, preservatives, while necessary and important in any aqueous formula, some can be known to potentially be a skin irritant. She knew she wanted to help people avoid these issues so she started with very simple formulas for moisturizers, lip balms, scrubs, deodorants and soaps with top quality botanical and organic   skin without harming it. As time moved on she became more confident and decided to further develop her skills and deepen her knowledge by taking a course studying European organic skin care formulation. This gave her the ability to expand her product line to offer a skin care line with anti-aging botanicals and extracts. Still an uncomplicated meal for the skin, but with a better twist.

OrgAngie is the source for fresh, organic skin care & bath products made in Canada with the best ingredients for your skin, health and peace of mind.