6 Winter Skincare Tips! Maintain Healthy Glowing Skin


Healthy glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. And if you live in a part of the world that gets all types of weather including cold, snowy and below freezing temperatures you might experience some awful skin conditions brought by these environmental factors coupled the heating system while at home or work. Here in Canada, sometimes you never know what weather you are going to be walking into or be subjected to later in the day.

I’ve compiled the most helpful tips to help you maintain a healthy hydrated glow and be ready for any environment you walk into. As with anything, it is the consistent nature of routine that will really make a difference. Small tweaks in your skin care routine for the different seasons will be all you need to maintain a healthy hydrated glow all year long.

6 Winter Skin Care Tips: 

1. Leave the Light Lotions for summer time- Look for richer nourishing type moisturizers for the face and body.

2.  Do layer your products like you do your clothes. If you love your lotions, but feel like they just don’t cut it for your drier skin, try using it together with your richer moisturizer. Keep the same routine of cleansing, treat and moisturize add a thin layer moisturizing serum or finish with the richer moisturizer.

3. Winter = colds/flu. We tend to wash our hands more to kill the germs so that we prevent getting the latest cold/flu bug. But all that washing tends to exacerbate your already dry hands, and make it worst for eczema suffers alike. EVERY time you wash your hands you must immediately moisturize. Also, look for gentle hand soap to use at home.

4. Avoid cleansing with harsh soap face cleansers. Try using a soap free version such as gels or a cleansing oil or cleansing milks.

5. Avoid chapped lips by applying lip balm regularly. Sometimes medicated ones can possibly irritate and do the opposite of hydrating and healing the lips. Apply often.

6. Invest in a humidifier! We keep a humidifier in almost every room. One in the bedroom, one to cover most of the square footage of the home, and one personal mini one my desk! Humidity offers a more comfortable environment in your home, putting moisture to the air when your heating dries it up. It’s also great for the cold season and helps alleviate your stuffy nose!

Bundle up, keep wearing sunscreen and  keep drinking water. You know it’s always the right thing to do 🙂

I’ve included a fun  spa day home treatment for a hydrating soak that can be used for the feet or hands. Keep rocking your healthy glowing skin!

Naturally Yours, Angie


Spa at Home – Hydrating Soak


1 Cup of Whole Milk

1/4 cup of Honey

Fresh Rose Petals


Mix ingredients in a basin of warm water and soak feet for 15 minutes. Half the recipe up and soak your hands. Pat dry. Follow up with a moisturizer.

Don’t have the rose petals on hand? Omit them.

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